what we do

interactive learning environments

We plan and realize exhibitions and workshops from the bottom to the top. We do the necessary background research, work out the contents, write and design the exhibition catalogue and coordinate all aspects of design, architecture and technology. We are specialised in combining interactive learning with original objects and with engaging texts and sound. Education and learning is an integrative part of our exhibition planning, not a necessary evil. Throughout the exhibition development process we make use of evaluation methods because we have a genuine interest in making exhibitions accessible and meaningful for everyone.

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science communication

We draft and organise seminars, lectures, science shows and events. We write science news for digital and print media and we produce small-scale digital videos.

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Research fosters visitor experiences, visitor experiences foster research: We apply qualitative and quantitative methods in order to identify user needs and improve visitor experiences. In turn, some of our exhibits collect data for research into various aspects of learning, behaviour and perception. Thus, visitors actively contribute to research.

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